RUCH NOVAPLAST is the european technology leader in the production of moulded parts, complete assemblies and complex, functionalised housing systems made of particle foam.

Our moulded parts significantly improve our customers' products in terms of function, quality and economic efficiency.

Unique in europe

Functional product competence and decades of material experience merge with sound manufacturing know-how and process expertise in market-leading particle foam solutions.

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Exciting insights

...into our work, our values, and the people who make up our company.

pioneers in particle foams

We shape innovations into solutions, accompany them until they are ready for series production, thus securing a pioneering role for our products and creating significant competitive advantages – for us and for our customers.

One of the essential foundations for this are our innovations.

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What sets us apart?

It is the people. And the willingness to change in order to achieve the best.


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Sustainability as a competitive advantage

Agreement on the Buildings Directive

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Growing capacities in prototyping



The markets and sectors we work for are characterised by rapid change. We face this change with ideas, together with our customers – our partners – and our team of engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians, process specialists, material experts and innovators.


We develop and produce technologically leading moulded parts, complete assemblies and complex, functionalised casing systems made of particle foam. Technical applications made of expandable polymers are our field of expertise in the house & building technology, medical & analysis technology, head & body protection and mobility sectors.


For a long time now, our products have been saving on average many times the energy required for their production, not only because we believe that we can only leave a planet worth living on to future generations if we do our utmost today.