Heat pump radiators

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

Agreement on the Buildings Directive

Exceptional achievement

Growing capacities in prototyping


Maintenance-friendly EPP chassis for efficient server cooling

Farewell after 39 years


Start of training

Condensate in ventilation units are not a problem thanks to NOVAtexture®

Insulated casing for measuring device for phosphate analysis

Chassis for hydraulics modules

RUCH NOVAPLAST expands production and assembly expertise at new facility

Ventilation units with extensive vertical integration

High-temperature-resistant BASF material in series applications at RUCH NOVAPLAST

Reducing leaks in RLT systems

Flexible air conditioning for offices

Energy-efficient renovation of existing buildings

Duct fan with new casing

Heat recovery with a high degree of efficiency

EPP in E-Vehicle
- Part 2

Multifender made from ETPU

EPP Housing for Reliable Medical Resuscitation Equipment

Exchange stale air for freshness

Precise manufacturing technology

EPP in E-Vehicle

Move to the new assembly building