RUCH NOVAPLAST brings EPP into the field of vision

Formteil NOVAskin WebDue to their characteristic steam nozzle and pearl structure, moulded parts made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) are often concealed under sheet metal casings. Thanks to the silky matt NOVAskin® surface from RUCH NOVAPLAST, there is now nothing to prevent it from being used in the field of vision, as it gives every device a modern and visually appealing look.

RUCH NOVAPLAST uses a special tool technology that refines EPP moulded parts with a silky matt surface, the NOVAskin®. The steam necessary for foaming (sintering) the polypropylene particles flows evenly through the tool surface, so that the steam nozzles, which are normally needed, are no longer necessary. With NOVAskin®, the typical boundaries between the individual foam beads and the marks of steam nozzles, which are usually visible and so typical for foam parts, disappear on the surface.

“This results in a silky matt, even and, moreover, waterproof surface that can also be easily coated” says Dominik Hertenstein, who is responsible for process management at RUCH NOVAPLAST. “We successfully use this tool technology in a wide range of applications and have already refined and functionalised surfaces in thermoboxes, ventilation units and heat pumps.”