Five different densities in one EPP moulded part

material leitungen maschine 2 KopieRUCH NOVAPLAST is permanently driving forward the functionalisation of particle foam parts. Following the surface finishing NOVAskin® and the NOVAFeed&Fix® elements for the direct coupling of connections and feedthroughs in EPP casings, another highlight has now been achieved.

RUCH NOVAPLAST developed a new process and tool technology with which it is possible to realise five different sealing segments on a continuous EPP moulded part. This development takes effect particularly in automotive serial parts.

The requirements for EPP impact absorbers are constantly increasing. The moulded parts not only protect the chassis of modern vehicles in the event of minor parking accidents, but also make a major contribution to sophisticated pedestrian protection systems.

The geometry of the impact absorbers is becoming more and more complex, as pressure hoses and sensors are taken up directly in the foam part. In order for these to function properly, the impact absorbers must have different sealing segments depending on the chassis structure. The new process and tool technology by RUCH NOVAPLAST makes this possible.