EPS (airpop) from RUCH NOVAPLAST are HBCD-free

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There are currently some uncertainties and misunderstandings when recycling EPS materials containing HBCD. We therefore consider that it is urgently necessary to clarify matters.

We must first state that the airpop (EPS) products delivered by us to you are free of HBCD. We guarantee this.

The HBCD flame retardant was used, including for EPS insulation applications, but has been banned in Europe since 22/03/2016. Only these materials must be added to authorised energy recycling machines from 01/10/2016. Therefore, this does not affect the airpop material.

Some disposal companies are currently refusing to accept airpop (EPS materials) stating that no difference can be made between packaging and insulation materials.

This is not correct!

The airpop (EPS) packaging materials to be recycled are normally clean shaped parts or strips that are clearly recognisable as packaging material due to their shape. Insulation materials from construction and demolition waste, so-called construction polystyrene, are in contrast visibly dirtied with plaster and adhesive residues as well as other construction materials.

Differentiation is therefore easily and clearly possible even for those without expertise. We will explain this situation with an appropriate letter to the disposal companies.

For many years recycling airpop has been a well-established, extremely eco-friendly process that aims to return this material into the loop. The recycling rate for airpop in Germany is currently 56% and is exemplary across Europe.

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