PCIM webUnique Material Composite

The trendsetting production method of PCIM – Particle Foam-Composite Injection Moulding® inseparably combines particle foam and injection moulding.   The material interfaces of both components fuse together during this process to form a unique material composite which renders a non-destructive removal of the material pairing impossible.schaumrder gruppe web


The positive characteristics of particle foams, such as EPP or EPS, can thus be combined with the advantages of thermoplastics, such as ABS, PP or TPE.  In one step functional lightweight components are created, such as for example

  • stable products with reduced weight,
  • strength absorbing components with haptically appealing surfaces,
  • heat-insulating products with integrated functions for mounting and support,
  • easy-to-install housings or
  • isolated lightweight components with higher stiffness.


PCIM web

is a Trademark of RUCH NOVAPLAST GmbH + Co. KG, Germany. 

The production method PCIM has been developed by the strategic partners Arburg, Krallmann and RUCH NOVAPLAST.


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