verpackung webSnow-white, Light as a Feather and Energy-absorbent

Familiar to everyone and indispensable in our everyday life: EPS packaging!

The snow-white moulded parts that are light as a feather reliably protect components, devices and also the most important part of our body – our head (cf. Crash Elements). EPS packaging proves worthy due to its low net weight, its ability to be recycled and especially due to its good shock absorbing properties. The particle foam absorbs the shock energy, protecting the damageable product in the event of a fall. This can be tested prior to application, during the design of the packaging with the use of prototypes and our drop test unit.eps teilestapel web


Since the creation of the material we have been working on packaging. In 1960 we were one of the first ten licensees of BASF for the processing of polystyrene and have since developed and produced thousands of EPS product solutions – mostly packaging. EPS is now called airpop®


ik siegel hbcdfree engl rgb mediumAirpop (EPS) products delivered by us to you are free of HBCD. We check our suppliers. We guarantee this.

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