heiztechnik webChassis and Housing Concepts for Heating Technology

Chassis out of expanded polypropylene are already being used in the area of home technology. Crucial functions of the moulded parts are being assumed in this process. They fix component groups and thus reduce purchased parts.  They guide the air in a targeted way, are durable, robust and contribute actively to the improvement of the energy balance through an obvious increase in efficiency.


Assembly and maintenance are considerably simplified by the principle "plugging instead of screwing" (NOVAplex®). At the same time, the material has an insulating effect and thus quickly solves further requirements. Furthermore, the extremely light, yet robust EPP chassis provides great weight advantages for home technology devices.

Further interesting aspects result from the combination with "NOVAFeed&Fix®". Standardised housing feedthroughs and mounting elements that are directly integrated into the EPP offer further trendsetting possibilities for cable feedthroughs and mountings of additional component groups.


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