busklimaanlage webLightweight Construction in Vehicles

Less weight, less energy consumption, better performance. Lightweight construction plays a central role in the automobile industry. We have found a solution to saving a huge amount of weight in vehicles: through the use of EPP in the air conditioning system.


All components and structural elements of the air conditioning system are embedded in moulded parts of expanded polypropylene.  Even the supply and exhaust air system is regulated in the EPP foam parts via the corresponding moulding.

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The overall design of the air conditioning system is based on a simple, easy to assemble, modular system. The ingenious design and the sophisticated construction are combined – without compromise – with the goals of weight reduction and noise reduction, through the use of EPP foam parts with optimal characteristics.  As well as theconsiderable weight reduction, the easy servicing and maintainability are also interesting to manufacturers.

These are beyond compare in the area of life cycle-cost.  Part of the reason for these outstanding results is also the total weight reduction. The total weight reduction in air conditioning systems in buses was 30 percent.  This results in a reduction of up to 76 kg in comparison to other air conditioning systems of conventional design with the same performance. This enormous weight reduction also noticeably decreases the gas consumption as well as the carbon dioxide emissions of buses and thus actively contributes to climate protection.


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