thermobox webInsulating and Transporting

Many people know EPP as "the material out of which the pizza boxes are made". That is exactly what it is!

Expanded polypropylene is perfectly suited for this purpose. The material has insulating properties (-40°C to +110°C) and thus keeps hot items warm for longer or cold items cool for longer.


Ingenious new developments, such as, for example, separations via intermediate bottoms allow the transportation of cold and warm dishes at the same time without these affecting each other. The finishing of the EPP surface with NOVAskin® not only fulfils the demands of the visual appearance but the result is impressive with its tight and completely smooth surface.  Thus the box is watertight, dirt-deflective and extremely break-resistant.

Our insulating transportation containers are hygienic and  dishwasher-safe. They keep food hot, cold and especially fresh.


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