House technology
with NOVAplex®

NOVAplex® brings considerable advantages in terms of cost, assembly and integration in the manufacture of house technology devices such as insulation parts, ventilation units or heat pumps.

Building technology

EPP façade elements and high-density EPS assembly elements for a thermal bridge-free and force-fit installation.

Efficient energy supply and optimal room air

New buildings and buildings undergoing renovation work on their energy systems are planned under the aspect of an efficient energy supply. The mostly energy-saving building shell should allow as little air as possible to escape to the outside to prevent energy and heat loss. However, ventilation units and air distribution systems are used in order to ensure regular air exchange and achieve good air quality in the building. Natural heat sources are used for climate-friendly energy supply.

Heat pumps make the heat from the ground, air or groundwater usable. Ventilation units and heat pumps designed on the basis of EPP casing systems already score in their structure. Assemblies can be securely positioned, retained and sealed in perfectly interlocking moulded parts made of particle foam with thermal and cold insulating properties. The materials’ resilience compensates for component tolerances, making assembly easy. Air flows inside the equipment are also optimised. EPP also ensures equipment is sealed against air and condensation, fulfilling requirements for its efficiency class and licensing stipulations. This helps us create equipment to meet the highest demands.

“The requirements for energy-efficient systems are high and will continue to increase. Ventilation units and heat pumps designed on the basis of EPP casing systems already score in their structure and already meet these high requirements today.”

Martin Scheibe

Project Manager RUCH NOVAPLAST

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