Centralised ventilation units

The air/water heat pump installed indoors takes in air from the environment via a grille in the façade, thus using the same energy source as a heat pump for outdoor installation. This requires air ducts to direct the outside air to the heat pump and back.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Ventilation unit, EPP housing

Inside casing solutions from RUCH NOVAPLAST ensure clarity and structure.

In most cases, a casing consists of several EPP moulded parts joined together to form a chassis by means of thermal joining. This firmly bonded connection of the individual components to form an overall system results in the highest possible insulation with greatly reduced condensate accumulation and air tightness that is far below the specified requirements (see for example the requirements of the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) for internal and external leakages). Increased efficiency of the overall system is the result.

In addition, the EPP chassis ensures optimal airflow through the ventilation duct design. The individual components of the ventilation unit, e.g. fan, control unit and heat exchanger, are inserted by simply plugging them into the specially designed recesses in the EPP casing, where they are held securely in place. They key to all of this is our ingenious NOVAplex® design concept.

Safe condensate discharge

Laser-textured moulded parts are normally used in the area of the condensate drip tray. The result is a waterproof surface that can safely drain off condensate. NOVAfeed&fix® elements are inserted into the foam in a firmly bonded manner to drain off the condensate in a confluent, funnel-type manner.

The same surface finishing process can also be used on the outside of the chassis, but in this case for optical reasons. Due to its attractive appearance, the ventilation unit often does not require an external chassis, made of powder-coated sheet metal, for example.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Condensate, laser-textured molded parts

Decentralised ventilation units

In the case of decentralised ventilation units, an individual room is aired and ventilated without the use of a central air distribution system. The units are installed directly in the outer wall of individual rooms. The lower installation costs make the decentralised ventilation system very attractive for the renovation of old buildings and existing buildings.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Decentralised ventilation unit

The interior of the ventilation units consists of several moulded parts made of EPP.

The individual components fit together precisely, and are permanently joined together, in part with the help of a thermal joining process. This is done without additional material. Subsequently, even thin walls can be joined in an airtight fashion.

Decentralised ventilation units can be flexibly integrated into the architecture of the building.

Whether a partially recessed installation in the wall, assembly beneath the ceiling or along a jamb wall in the attic, the complex EPP solutions from RUCH NOVAPLAST can be adjusted to the various requirements.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Ventilation unit, decentralized
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Innovations, NOVAfeed&Fix, casing ducts, fixture element


  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Innovations, NOVAfeed&Fix, casing ducts, fixture element
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  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Sustainable, mobility solutions, cargo bike

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