Efficient air purifiers require a harmonious interaction of many components.

All these components are accommodated in one casing made with expanded polypropylene from RUCH NOVAPLAST, where they are held safely and securely in the EPP moulded parts.

They key to all of this is our NOVAplex® design concept. The basic idea is simple: use slots rather than screws for the components. Without any extra screws, clamps or plates, every component is embedded tightly and securely within the EPP chassis.

Apart from cost savings in the context of C parts, this concept also saves on assembly time. As every component has its own place in the chassis, there is order inside the device. This not only creates clarity, it also simplifies the assembly of the device.


Optimised airflow

A strong air flow is also needed for effective room air purifying. Therefore, the EPP chassis not only accommodates the components, but can be designed in such a way that it takes over the flow guidance itself, thus optimally controlling the airflow in the casing.

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