koffer webCustom Fit increases Durability

Manual tools and machines, such as cordless screwdrivers, are today being used in many ways: in workshops, on construction sites or also at home.  Good storage is indispensable for the long life of the electronic tools.


Cases with corresponding particle foam inserts have proven to be best. They allow for the clean, custom-fit and manageable storage of all components. The machine and the corresponding equipment, such as rechargeable battery, charger, handle, drill chucks, bit holders can be stored here safely and in a manageable way and stay in place even in the event of rough handling, such as a fall.

What is known as the resilience of the particle foam scores highly here. It holds all parts of the equipment firmly in position and absorbs the shock. Even in the development phase, RUCH NOVAPLAST completes various drop tests on request in order to guarantee the safe transport of the high-quality products. At the same time, the correct position of the products, as well as their easy assembly and removal, can be checked.


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