montage durchblick webGIVING SHAPE TO IDEAS

Particle foams are our passion.  On the leading edge. Continuously developed further, in line with our client's requirements.
That is what RUCH NOVAPLAST represents.


Until the turn of the millennium we have mostly been producing EPS packaging.  Today the grand majority of our services include the technical applications of expansible polymers.  We combine different materials, create synergy effects, finish surfaces, integrate functions and deliver shelf-ready epp teile neu2 webproducts on demand.  We continuously develop ourselves, our products and procedures – for innovative solutions that give you the market advantage in your industry.

Take advantage of our experience and service depth.


ik siegel hbcdfree engl rgb mediumAirpop (EPS) products delivered by us to you are free of HBCD. We check our suppliers. We guarantee this.

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