What a great way to add that special something to your product

NOVAtexture® surface finishing is performed during the production of the moulded parts and does not require any further work steps.

The otherwise typical boundaries between the individual foam beads blend in completely. Steam jets are no longer visible. The result is a completely flat surface with a silken matt glossy appearance.

But NOVAtexture® not only creates perfectly shaped surfaces, it also actively supports the products. The closed-cell surface, for instance, is 100% waterproof, has good mechanical and chemical resistance properties and meets the highest hygiene requirements, is washable and abrasion-resistant.

The catalogue of options for existing surface textures is constantly growing, enabling a wealth of creative freedom. If that is not enough, you can create your own structure, for example based on the company logo.  

But that isn’t all. This type of moulded part surface can also be easily painted in a further work step if required.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Iconogramm-Nova-texture
  • Technologically leading moulded parts.

  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Fastening, Camloc, screw connection
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Sustainable, mobility solutions, cargo bike
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Sustainable, mobility solutions, cargo bike

    Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.