Active insulation with NOVAetherm®

A thermally insulating material, for example EPP, with an electrically heatable thin paint or film layer is connected to the power supply.

The specific thermal output of NOVAetherm® is max. 1 W/cm2. The conductive coating is between 50 and 200µm thick and is supplied with voltages of up to 24V AC or 48V DC (safety extra-low voltage).

NOVAetherm® can thus be fed directly from accumulators or from PV elements without inverters being necessary. The low supply voltages and the wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 100°C set hardly any limits on these solutions.

Options in housing ventilation

  • Coating of supply air piping and inner surfaces of the ventilation device as an additional heater
  • Heating the condensate tray of housing ventilation equipment (anti-icing, defrosting)

Temperature control function

  • Outdoor frost protection applications
  • Process assemblies for the insulation/preheating of gases, liquids with efficiency, insulation and resistance requirements to solvents within the range up to 100°C

Your benefit at a glance:

  • Technologically leading moulded parts.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.