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Dynamic Project Management

Project management makes innovation processes calculable and controllable, which has positive results on the overall costs.

Resulting from this motivation and based on a variety of completed projects that are proof of this fact, our project management has been IPMA certified since 2008. Our customers can rely on that. Also, for years have we been actively engaged in sponsored innovation projects (BMBF, ZIM) as project manager, subproject partner and general/consortial taskmaster, such as CarboProtekt and AutoMiPro, for example.

The general decision of our customers to make use of this service for a planned project is the starting point of processes of our project management. Most projects are generally demanding developments, as most RUCH NOVAPLAST projects are.


The essential steps of project planning are:

  • Evaluation of the project teams based on strengths, capabilities and organisational skills, knowledge balance

  • Definition of project goals within the magical triangle of "performance" - "cost" - "schedule"

  • Categorisation of the project

  • Project phase plan with milestones

  • Project structure plan and work packages with the corresponding responsibilities

  • Process and schedule planning

  • Operating resources planning and cost projection

  • Risk management

Summary of all previously mentioned points results in detailed, concrete specifications for the completion of a project. This results in a high safety level for both sides, for our customers and for us.


The issue of the project order is followed by the project phases:

  • Project implementation (PDCA-Cycle), modification management, project controlling, reporting)

  • Project conclusion (final report, lesson learned, evaluation)


RUCH NOVAPLAST lives this system and has grown through it. The success we have achieved so far has proven us right. Our project managers support our customers throughout all project phases.  This is exactly what makes us different.