labor formteil webLaboratory, Testing & Verification

druckprfung webExtensive measurements, tests and documentation of all product-related physical, electrical and chemical parameters can be completed in our own laboratory upon request.

The capacity of developments for series production is the responsibility of the employees of our launch management department and thus serves as an interface with the production department. Being the centre of operations, they have – among other things – a universally usable foam machine as well as a technological foam device for material and surface tests. In this way we can plan future projects in the pre-series stage to ensure a safe transition between customer demand, construction and mass-production capacity. An extensive initial sampling precedes every new production start-up.

The testing of plastic components can also be completed outside of particle foams.


Our laboratory equipment includes:

  • Thermal analysis technology

  • Climatic chamber for environmental simulations on the product

  • Programmable laboratory furnace

  • Strain/Compression testing machine up to 10 kN

  • Incident light microscopy with image documentation

  • Analysis screening plant

  • MFI analysis

  • Fire chamber for different flame tests

  • Drop tower

  • Analytical balances as well as an area for chemical resistance tests