The single-material solution is permanently tight and reproducible.

During the process of thermal joining, the surfaces of the moulded parts are heated by means of a heating element so that the particle foam plasticises at this point. The moulded parts are then welded together at the molten joining surface.

The result is a firmly bonded connection that can no longer be released by non-destructive methods. The specific properties of the moulded parts are retained.

No chemicals such as primers, bonding agents or other foreign materials are used.

Thermal joining of moulded parts incl. inserts made of particle foam

During the thermal joining process downstream of production, inserts can also be integrated into the assembly. Prior to the joining process, they are placed into the mould parting line, positioned and joined together.

This results in firmly bonded components that would usually be impossible to produce otherwise.

  • Innovative.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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