Unique material composite

The outer surfaces of the two materials blend to form a unique bond. This bond is so strong that it can no longer be released by non-destructive methods. Even when subjected to high loads or intensive use, the bonds remains intact.

The result:
Functional lightweight components

Particle foam composite injection moulding enables the positive properties of particle foams, such as EPP or EPS, to be combined with the advantages of thermoplastics, such as ABS, PP or TPE:

  • strong products with low weight,
  • force-absorbing components with an appealing surface feel,
  • thermally insulating products with integrated fixing and retaining functions,
  • easily installed casings or
  • insulating lightweight components with increased rigidity.

PVSG forms the basis for the production of our NOVAfeed&fix® series.


  • Innovative.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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