Deep drawing and back-foaming

In the in-mould foiling process, a thermoplastic, i.e. thermoformable film is back-foamed in the foaming tool. A wide variety of different film types can be used for this purpose. Deep drawing and back-foaming take place in one foaming tool and in one manufacturing step.

In a second work step, the excess film is removed reliably by automated cutting, punching and scarfing.

Just like the skinning process, in-mould foiling has been successfully applied for years in the production of chin parts for motorbike helmets, but also in the medical field.

Washable, abrasion-resistant and leak-tight

Lacquer, metal or TPO foils can also be back-foamed.
The resulting components fulfil the highest hygiene requirements.

Lightweight sandwich element with high mechanical load capacity

CF/ KF laminates, grids or structures, for example, can also be back-foamed with particle foam using adhesion promoters, thereby creating a firmly bonded connection. The result is a lightweight sandwich element with high mechanical load capacity.

  • Innovative.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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