Forward-looking developments

We have developed many of these processes ourselves, for example the simultaneous foaming of two different material densities (dual density) and of two different materials (2-component elements), the energy-optimised production of (and with) High Efficiency Tools (H.E.T.) or the pioneering particle foam composite injection moulding process.

Processes, patents and visions of the future made by RUCH NOVAPLAST

2-component elements - foaming-in

2-component elements - back-foaming

Dual density

Thin-wall technology

High Efficiency Tool


Laser texturing

Particle foam composite injection moulding

PUR lamination

Thermal joining


“Forward-looking products need innovative processes that make their production possible in the first place. With our expertise in particle foams, we create unique possibilities for our customers. We are proud to support our customers, revolutionise the sector and set new standards.”

Jürgen Schmidt

Head of Product Development and Tool Management RUCH NOVAPLAST

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