Raw material and variety

Particle foams are 95% air-filled thermoplastic granules. They have densities in the range of 15 to 80 kg/m³. They possess outstanding mechanical properties, a high thermal insulation capacity and enormous lightweight potential.

The granules are made either in a reactor (suspension polymerisation) or on an extrusion line with gas loading and underwater granulation to generate beads that are as spherical as possible.

We process the following materials

  • EPP - expanded polypropylene
  • EPS - expanded polystyrene
  • EPE - expanded polyethylene
  • EPU - elastomeric polyurethanes
  • and other polymers, as well as copolymers and special materials.

EPS and several EPS copolymers contain an active propellant gas (pentane, butane), which makes it possible to pre-expand a granule with 0.6 to/m³ to processing densities of 0.015 to 0.16 to/m³ in a preliminary process (pre-foaming). Other particle foams are foamed with nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) and no longer contain any active propellant gas as a raw material. In this case, the different target densities are already set in the manufacturing process of the raw material (particle diameter).

With these raw materials, particle foam parts with densities of 0.04 to 0.3 to/m³ can be manufactured.

All advantages at a glance

  • Innovative.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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