Advantages at a glance

  • Rapid market launch due to prototype pre-series for field test
  • Shortened approval time for your devices, as most examinations are usually possible using the prototypes
  • Our high-quality prototypes can be used as presentation and trade fair samples and help with the first market analysis
  • Design and construction of assembly workstations with real components is possible
  • Small series can also be shown as prototypes

High-quality functional and presentation samples

By using these detailed prototypes, mechanical and physical function tests can be carried out in advance. This enables the finished 3D data set of the moulded parts to be validated very well, thus excellently assuring the subsequent preparation of the foaming tool, resulting in a considerably reduced need for modifications to the series product.

In addition, the high-quality prototypes can be used as functional or presentation samples and are economical even for small series.

  • Innovative.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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