To the marketable end product

Components requiring further processing steps become complete systems here in one process. Moulded parts made of particle foams are joined together using various methods. Specific benefits and properties of the material are retained. Other components are incorporated. As a development and system partner, we therefore ease the workload of our customers by taking over those tasks that they prefer to delegate to us.

Model aircraft “Ready to Radio”

We deliver model aircraft “Ready to Radio” - meaning they are in fully functional condition. They are completely assembled, the respective decors are attached, and even the servo motors are installed, set and adjusted.

After charging the battery, they are immediately ready to fly.

Assembly of ventilation units

Upon request, ventilation units can also be completely assembled and packaged ex works.

In combination with our NOVAfeed&fix® system, leak-proof and insulating ducts and fixing elements are realised.

preassembled mounting elements

In the construction industry, we produce and assemble outdoor wall sockets, for example. These are based on a particle foam component that is expanded using other components made of other materials and then packaged.

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