There is no end to the surface finishing options.

Moulded part surfaces on which the particle foam structure, steam nozzles and parts of the mould contours were visible are not tolerated everywhere. Today, well-shaped surfaces can be achieved that are also convincing in terms of their haptic qualities.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Novatexture, condensate drains, shapely surfaces, surface texturing, waterproof, washable

Leak-proof condensate drains thanks to NOVAtexture®

Etching and texturing on the aluminium surface of foaming tools enable the creation of aesthetic and modern particle foam surfaces. The particle and gusset boundaries of the particle foam that were formerly visible, are therefore no longer seen.

The result is a technical surface that not only has an attractive appearance but also a pleasant feel (“soft touch”), and that is also convincing, for example, in the area of the condensation tray, as it is 100% waterproof.

Several variants are available as standard.
Those who prefer an individual finish are welcome to design their own grain.

Back-foaming of films

During foiling, a thermoplastic or thermoformable film is back-foamed or pre-formed in the foaming mould. Various film types can be used here. Two manufacturing processes are combined in the production of such components: thermoforming and back-foaming. And not just that. Depending on the application, both can be performed in one foaming mould and one production step.

Film overlaps are removed in a second work step.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- surface finishing, back foaming of films
RUCH NOVAPLAST- lamination with plastics, lamination, can prevent condensation and icing, high-quality surface

Lamination with plastics

The combination of particle foam with injection moulding, PUR overlaying (glass or natural fibre) or thermal lamination offers another possibility to create well-shaped surfaces.

For example, these form a barrier in cooling equipment, thus preventing the diffusion of steam. By this means condensate formation or even icing are prevented.

Moulded parts made of particle foam can be painted.

The single-layer paint structure is characterised by excellent adhesion properties and is highly compatible with the mechanical properties of the flexible particle foam. This means that it can also cope with deformations that occur, for example, when pressure is applied to the particle foam. But that's not all. In addition to an attractive appearance, the surfaces can also be given an antibacterial or EMC-active finish.

Just as the base material EPP, the surfaces are resistant to solvents, oils, fuels, cleaning agents and disinfectants. Because it is also physiologically harmless, painting can also be used in hospital, shop fitting and medical equipment.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- lacquer, lacquering, antibacterial surface
RUCH NOVAPLAST- skinning, skinning of molded parts, smooth surface, finishing, plasticized coating

Skinning of moulded part areas

In the process of skinning, the visible surface of the moulded part is heated in the mould to temperatures above the melting point of the particle foam. The raw material therefore melts in the mould cavity during filling, and covers the visible area with a plasticised skin, all in one process step. The remaining moulded part consists of conventionally foamed raw material.

The range of achieved and robust surface finishes extends from the “classic high-gloss part similar to injection-moulding” through to grained and textured surfaces.

  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Innovations, NOVAfeed&Fix, casing ducts, fixture element


  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Innovations, NOVAfeed&Fix, casing ducts, fixture element
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Sustainable, mobility solutions, cargo bike
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Sustainable, mobility solutions, cargo bike

    Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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