Fixing elements and ducts - child's play

RUCH NOVAPLAST provides a universal kit of various fixing elements, which are used depending on the application area.

Pressure-resistant and leak-proof cable ducts with strain relief and bend protection are possible directly in the EPP chassis, as are hose couplings and sensor mountings. Hinge attachment points can be used in the fixation area, for example. The fixing of other assemblies can also be realised.

The NOVAfeed&fix® series developed by RUCH NOVAPLAST designates standardised casing ducts and fixing elements that are created by combining PVSG standard parts with lightweight composite parts.

In a single-step production process, moulded parts are thus equipped with metric threads (M6, M8, M25), which in turn serve as an interface. The connection is firmly bonded and thus outstanding in its load-bearing capacity and functionality.

Coming soon: M40!

Functional enhancement can also be added to particle foam moulded parts by means of ultrasound. In this process, the LiteWWeight® zEPP™ injection moulding elements are simultaneously inserted into particle foam components in a form-fit and bonded manner. These in turn serve as an interface.

We call this functional enhancement in particle foam components NOVAson®.

The PT® screw used in the element is self-tapping, unlike the NOVAfeed&fix®.

Foam-encapsulated inserts

Basically, depending on the available space, inserts made of many other materials and also with different contours can be foamed in. Limiting factors, however, are the process environment, and in particular the temperature or steam environment that the component must withstand.

The parts inserted manually or automatically into the mould are usually form-fit to the component.

Other threaded inserts

If only a simple and single attachment point is necessary, or if the shape of the moulded part allows no other option, a friction welding boss may be the fixing element of choice.

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