Question after question

Should the bond be permanent or not?
What forces are acting?
Are there additional requirements for leak tightness?

Various options are available, depending on the specification.

Highest possible insulation and air-tightness
with NOVAweld®

Thermal joining of two or more moulded parts has the advantage of forming a firm bond between the individual components to create a complete system. This results in the highest possible insulation and air tightness properties - essential in the HVAC sector. Optimum airflow inside the equipment by means of the design of ventilation ducts is also ensured.

Bonding of moulded parts made of particle foam

An inseparable connection of two or more moulded parts of the same or different materials can be achieved by bonding.

Here, geometry and the choice of bonding agent are decisive when it comes to a reproducible and reliable connection.

A stable connection that can be released again: Snap-Lock

Bonding moulded parts to each other is very easy by equipping the two components with a tongue & groove connection. This acts as a clip closure and locks into place.

The system is reliably self-clamping and does not require any additional aids. A single-type compound is created. The strong connection can also be released again.

  • Innovative.

  • Sustainable. Out of pure conviction.

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