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Our products have been saving multiple times the energy required to produce them!
This is what we at RUCH NOVAPLAST understand by sustainability.

We believe that we can only leave a planet worth living on to future generations if we do our utmost today. That is why sustainable, long-term corporate governance and market-leading products and solutions are not things that are mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary, for us they must be inseparably united, for the benefit of our society and our planet.

RUCH NOVAPLAST-Sustainability, Managing Director

“Many talk about the sustainable focus of their company. For decades, our products have been saving multiple times the energy required to produce them. This is what we at RUCH NOVAPLAST understand by environmental sustainability.”

Roland Zeifang


RUCH NOVAPLAST’s goal is to be almost climate-neutral by 2030, to make more use of renewable raw materials and recycling in the plastics we process, and thus to live up to the company’s responsibility towards future generations.

That is a very ambitious goal. The influencing factors in our production environment are multi-faceted and the potential for optimisation is extensive and complex.

For a long time now, we have been heating our office buildings and also neighbouring companies with the residual industrial heat from our production via a local heating supply. Our own micro gas turbine, which was put into operation in 2020, enables us to generate 60% of our electrical energy requirements ourselves and save around 25% fossil fuel by means of a CHP coupling with steam generation; we purchase the rest as emission-free green electricity. We are partners of various funding projects in the field of sustainability. And we are currently working on, among other things, the sustainable closure of the recyclable material cycle and the storage of residual operational heat via latent heat storage, as well as a complete process chain for the production of up to 100% EPP particle foams from recycled EPP (rEPP).

But in addition to the “big issues”, very small things also make a valuable contribution, such as our own bee colonies, tree planting campaigns by our trainees or Fairtrade coffee in our canteens and meeting rooms.

Environment and energy

In addition to the environmental management system DIN ISO 14001, our energy management is also certified to ISO 50001. The focus is on continuously improving efficiency and thus saving energy resources - from intensive efforts to use less electricity, to planning and development, through to the procurement of energy.