Heat recovery with a high degree of efficiency

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Despite its compact size, the ECO 275 ventilation unit from GENVEX is just as powerful as units with larger space requirements. The housing – made of expanded polypropylene from RUCH NOVAPLAST – is also responsible for this.  The enclosure consists of three individual EPP moulded parts that are joined together to form a chassis by means of thermal joining (NOVAweld®). This interlocking of materials for the individual components to form an overall system results in the highest possible insulation and air tightness.

In addition, the EPP chassis ensures optimal airflow through the design of the ventilation ducts. The individual components of the ventilation unit, e.g. fan, control unit and heat exchanger, are attached by simply plugging them into the specially designed recesses in the EPP housing, where they are held securely in place. The key to all of this is our ingenious NOVAplex® design concept.

In the area of the condensate tray, the surface was refined during the foaming process by means of laser texturing. The result is a 100% waterproof and completely flat surface. A NOVAfeed&fix®element was inserted into the foam so that any condensation can be safely drained off.

Other NOVAfeed&fix® elements are foamed in at other points in the enclosure. This makes it possible, for example, to attach a sheet of metal for external panelling directly to the EPP chassis.
The overall weight of the unit was also able to be reduced thanks to the feather-light and, at the same time, outstanding insulating material of EPP.

An overall concept that is well worth seeing!


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