Ventilation units with extensive vertical integration

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In recent years, RUCH NOVAPLAST has continuously expanded its scope of competence and expertise in the field of air ducting technology. We rely on innovative solutions based on particle foam. However, our company is not only distinguished by the production of high-quality moulded parts made of EPP. As a system supplier, we also take on additional work steps to offer our customers comprehensive solutions.

The necessary functional parts are located inside the ventilation unit, protected by a NOVAplex® housing made of EPP. The unit can be flexibly integrated into a building’s architecture, whether by partially recessed installation in the wall, mounting under ceilings or along a side wall in the top floor. The versatile EPP solutions from RUCH NOVAPLAST adapt to different requirements.

The subsequent assembly of purchased individual parts depends on the model type. These are pre-picked together with the EPP chassis and other information important for the consumer. The customer, therefore, receives the complete assembly group of the ventilation module in a transport-safe end packaging.

The extensive vertical range of manufacture in the area of the air ducting module ensures consistent quality and a high degree of flexibility; it also relieves the core areas of the unit manufacturer.

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