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The flexible approach of the CO2 calculator

At a time when sustainability is increasingly becoming the norm, it is essential for companies to understand and minimize their ecological footprint. An effective tool to address this challenge is the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), which measures the total emissions of a product throughout its life cycle.

Thomas Doll (CTO) and his team have developed a tool for RUCH NOVAPLAST that supports companies in conducting PCF calculations at the material, technology and process level for their moulded parts made of EPP. Our approach covers all three scopes, from cradle to gate, and enables a precise and transparent evaluation of CO2 emissions based on parts list and operation structures.

Our PCF calculator has several goals. By continuously updating the emission factors and using emission factors of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as well as our own measurement technology, we ensure a sound and reliable database of calculations. In addition, we provide transparency at the product, company, and factory levels to enable our customers to make informed decisions about how to achieve their CO2 reduction targets.

Click here for more information about our CO2 product calculator and to learn more about which factors most affect the CO2 emission of an EPP part.

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