Duct fan with new casing

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Especially in these times, it is indisputable that good indoor air quality is essential for health and well-being. Our customer is looking for a way to make its duct fans more sustainable and more energy-efficient. The solution: casing made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). Two half-shells made from EPP enclose all the components of the duct fan. RUCH NOVAPLAST impressed with the following three reasons for EPP:

NOVAplex® Chassis
Das NOVAplex® Chassis is aligned specifically to the individual components of the duct fan. Assembly is simple: the new single parts are plugged together without tools. Noise insulation is integrated into the casing on the pressure side. Quiet operation is possible as a result of this combination.

Low weight
Because of the EPP casing, the weight of the duct fan could be reduced by up to 35% compared to its predecessor. This also impacts on the CO2 balance: For a loaded 40-tonne lorry, there is a saving of 83 g CO2 per 100 km per device.

Consumers' purchasing decisions are being increasingly influenced by sustainability topics. EPP is fully recyclable and can be returned to the raw materials cycle as a recycled material.

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