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Heat pumps are increasingly in demand as heating systems, and are seen as the optimal way to reduce CO2 emissions generated by heating buildings. Air-to-water heat pumps use the heat stored in the air for heating and hot water, and can also be used for cooling.

In the highly efficient CHA monobloc heat pump from WOLF Heizungstechnik, all the important technical components of the heat recovery process are brought together in the outdoor unit. Inside the enclosure, moulded parts made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) from RUCH NOVAPLAST ensure that the individual components are held securely in place. This requires 14 individual moulded parts made of particle foam.

One particular challenge is to manufacture the individual parts in such a way that they are perfectly matched to each other and there is no misalignment. The mould part tolerances are kept correspondingly tight. Once assembled, the size of the enclosure is 1636 x 1157 x 740 mm.

It is precisely for challenges of this kind that RUCH NOVAPLAST prepared itself last year by investing in a larger machine park. With the restructuring of production processes, optimal conditions have been created for the smooth production for moulded parts made of particle foam. The skilled personnel at the machines are trained accordingly and ensure a consistently high level of quality with the help of permanent checks.

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