Multifender made from ETPU

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ETPU, also known under the brand name Infinergy® from BASF, is the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. By adding hot steam, pre-foamed particulates are welded to each other in several steps.

The closed-cell, elastic particle foam combines the properties of thermoplastic polyurethane with the benefits of foams It is characterised above all by its high abrasion resistance, very good resilience and high elasticity.

ETPU can be used wherever the combination of low weight, excellent mechanical properties and high durability is needed.
One of the first projects by RUCH NOVAPLAST with the new material was the production of multifenders for the company Multiplex.

The multifenders are used on yachts at impact-sensitive positions and are responsible for dampening vertical and horizontal movements, along with the resulting forces. The sides of the yacht are protected by damage as a result, which for example could be caused when berthing at the quay or together (yacht to yacht).

Further possible applications for ETPU are, for example, in machine engineering (e.g. as dampening elements and buffers in compressors, etc.) or in reusable load carriers in the logistics industry.

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