Condensate in ventilation units are not a problem thanks to NOVAtexture®

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EPP is light, robust and insulating. Based on these properties, the designers of the recoVAIR heat-recovery ventilation unit decided in favour of this material for the housing and component support.

During the design of the EPP chassis, ventilation ducts were installed to ensure optimum airflow in the housing. In areas with condensate accumulation, RUCH NOVAPLAST refined the moulded parts with a silky matt, waterproof surface called NOVAtexture®.

All components are installed with positive locking into the 18-part EPP chassis which holds them in place. This is based on the successful NOVAplex®.

The basic idea is simple: use slots rather than screws for the components. This not only saves time during assembly and maintenance, but also costs for fastening elements.
In single-family houses, the wall-mounted unit of the ventilation system recoVAIR with heat recovery ensures fresh, healthy air. Here, the waste heat from the room air used is taken to heat up the cold air flowing in from the outside.

The wall-mounted units of the recoVAIR heat-recovery ventilation are suitable for both modernisation and new construction. By means of an integrated humidity sensor, apartment owners always enjoy pleasant room air in winter without having to open the windows.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Condensate in ventilation units, NOVATEXTURE

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