Insulated casing for measuring device for phosphate analysis

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Phosphorous is an important race element. However, too high a dose can be harmful to the environment. For example, excess phosphates from sewage plants can lead to over-fertilisation of bodies of water. For this reason, there are statutory requirements and limit values for the phosphate proportion in bodies of water, which must be monitored and complied with by sewage plants.

The measuring stations needed for this are located directly on the edge of the basins in the sewage plants. In order to achieve the required measuring results precision, the analysis units and the chemicals necessary must be insulated and protected. For our customer, a manufacturer of high-quality measuring stations, it was also important that the analysing devices can be removed simply in order to simplify maintenance work on site.

In close cooperation with our customer, RUCH NOVAPLAST has developed a multi-part NOVAplex® casing that has been designed and produced precisely for the individual components of the analysis device.

After production, the individual moulded parts, made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), are joined together in our assembly through simple plugging. RUCH NOVAPLAST fastening elements are also integrated into the casing. Bags of chemicals are attached to these later, which are needed for the measuring process.

Recesses for pipe lines and hoses ensure order and clarity in the casing. Every component of the analysis device is thus fitted and held in a defined place and at the same time is protected against impacts. This ensures longevity and reliability.

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