Heat pump radiators

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Heat pump radiators for efficient room air conditioning

Homeowners and builders who want to replace their existing heating with a heat pump or plan a new building with sustainable air conditioning technology are using new, economical heating and cooling units in the rooms. They must be able to produce high outputs with low water temperatures. In the living area, heat pump radiators are particularly suitable as an alternative to underfloor heating for the operation of heat pumps, which typically provide low flow temperatures. This contributes to the energy efficiency of the heating system and enables energy consumption to be reduced.

The inner workings of the devices consist entirely of expanded polypropylene (EPP) from RUCH NOVAPLAST. The EPP components securely hold the individual components of the radiator in place and, by their design, direct the air flows in accordance with defined parameters to the inputs and outputs. In addition, the components assume insulating functions that promote energy conservation and thus enable energy-efficient working. A further advantage of EPP is that the particle foam consists of 95 per cent air. Due to the very light material, the complete unit can save a lot of weight, which simplifies the installation on site.

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