Growing capacities in prototyping

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This year, RUCH NOVAPLAST has once again invested in an ultramodern milling machine in order to further boost its prototyping capacities. A new CNC machine was purchased only two years ago.

Before a product can be produced in series at RUCH NOVAPLAST, we produce detailed milling patterns for every new development. Prototyping is carried out with exactly the same professionalism as is standard for series production. The high-quality prototypes can be used as presentation and functional samples and are already economical for small series. The trend is that more and more milling samples are required in higher quantities, e.g. in order to be able to carry out field tests and thus safeguard product development.

With a new milling machine, RUCH NOVAPLAST invests a five-digit sum in expanding capacities to meet these requirements. The prototyping department now has a total of five machines - three copy milling machines and two with a spindle.

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