Flexible air conditioning for offices

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A pleasant indoor climate in offices is an important factor that influences the well-being and concentration of its inhabitants. Air conditioning units can be used to air condition the rooms. It is advantageous if they blend discreetly into the room design.

This air conditioner is mounted in the ceiling. The only visible part is the design panel, which adapts to the ceiling. After opening the design panel, all components are visible without further disassembly. The housing is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) from RUCH NOVAPLAST.

The resilience of the EPP particle foam keeps the internal components – such as the condensate pump and tray – in place in the ventilation unit. The housing is easy to clean, and delivers a convincing performance with its thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Several fastening elements (NOVAfeed&fix®) are foamed directly into the housing, and serve as attachment options for the suspension bracket.

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