Farewell after 39 years

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After 39 successful years with RUCH NOVAPLAST, Emil Erdrich has entered his well-earned retirement.

Emil Erdrich began his career on 13.02.1984 at RUCH NOVAPLAST in prototyping and has made a considerable contribution over the years towards making our company what it is today.

With his soundly-based knowledge as a CAD designer, he has not only shaped product development, but also the continuing technological advancement of our company. Taking a brief look back, Emil told us about the early days when we still worked exclusively with EPS and how he obtained the first EPP material in the late 1980s. So much has changed since then, from manual mould construction to the dominant role of CAD in our way of working. For example, if the task at the time was to produce the load carrier for car wing mirrors, this was made by hand piece by piece using the physical model. The toolmaking department made the negative based on the prototype. The products have also changed, from pure EPS packaging in the early years to the highly complex EPP housing solutions of today.

One highlight of his career was the processing of helmet parts on the first CNC machines. These prototypes were delivered directly to the race track, where they were tested by THE racing driver at that time: Michael Schumacher.

Working with Emil was extremely beneficial for us, not only professionally but also personally. His many years of expertise and commitment not only pushed projects ahead, but also created a very open and positive working environment.

We would like to thank Emil for 39 incredible years and wish him all the best for the future.



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