Exchange stale air for freshness

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The ComfoAir 70 is the decentralised, compact comfort ventilation unit with heat recovery from the indoor climate specialist Zehnder.

It was specifically designed for the ventilation of one- or two-room apartments. It is also ideal for installation situations in which larger living areas are to be ventilated with several units distributed throughout the rooms. Thanks to its simple installation, the ventilation unit is ideally suited for renovation work, but is, of course, also an option for new buildings.

The inner contours of the ComfoAir 70 are formed by a 10-part moulding set made of expanded polypropylene. The individual components fit together precisely, and are permanently joined together, in part with the help of a thermal joining process. This is done without additional material. Subsequently, even thin walls can be joined in an airtight fashion.

The EPP chassis provides good leakage values and ensures optimum heat and sound insulation.

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