EPP in E-Vehicle
- Part 2

News (en)

In January 2022 we reported on a van for professional garden care that is 100 % powered by electricity. The vehicle’s robust driver's cabin consists of a frame made from aluminium profiles covered with expanded polypropylene (EPP).

At this time, other vehicle parts, which were to be made from EPP by RUCH NOVAPLAST, were already being planned. The sun visors for the passenger's and driver's sides have now been successfully produced for the E-vehicle.

Thanks to the low net weight of EPP these are very lightweight. The sun visor on the driver's side weights approx. 120 grammes, the one of the passenger's side 100 grammes.

The external sides and the EPP cover itself of the driver's cabin have also been finished with a surface texture. The closed, pore-free surface ensures a pleasant feel and look. The logo of the vehicle manufacturer has also been applied to the visible side of the sun visors.

Several NOVAFeed&Fix® elements give the moulded parts their function. They facilitate simple and secure fastening.


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