EPP in E-Vehicle

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Commercial vehicles are going green

This is especially true for commercial vehicles from a French manufacturer, which has become a specialist in the professional care of green spaces. Environmentally friendly drive technologies and electric-powered ride-on lawn mowers have long been part of their portfolio. New, and so far unique around the world is a multifunctional vehicle that has been developed for roads and all kinds of terrain, and which is 100% electric-powered.

The vehicle’s robust driver's cabin consists of a frame made from aluminium profiles covered with expanded polypropylene (EPP).

The EPP vehicle parts are used in the door areas and as roof covering. The outsides of the covers are finished with a surface texture. This creates a closed, pore-free surface that is both water repellent and visually attractive.

Multiple NOVAfeed&fix® elements ensure there are various mounting options. They are composite components comprising an external particle foam and a thermoplastic mounting element injected into it as a core. The concept is based on the known principle of particle foam composite injecting (Partikelschaum-VerbundSpritzgießen - PVSG).

More vehicle components are being planned, which are also made from polypropylene at RUCH NOVAPLAST.

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