EPP Housing for Reliable Medical Resuscitation Equipment

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Two crucial aspects of medical resuscitation equipment are reliability and functionality, in order to effectively perform life-saving measures. In this context, housing made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) is becoming increasingly important.

In the February issue of Apotheken Umschau, the CARL resuscitation system was presented under the title “Grenzen verschieben” (Engl.: “Pushing Boundaries”).* Inside CARL, a multi-part housing made of EPP from RUCH NOVAPLAST ensures that all important components are held securely in place.

The material EPP is very light and, despite this property, boasts exceptional impact resistance. This combination makes it possible to design medical devices with EPP housing solutions that are compact yet shock- and impact-resistant. This is particularly important as resuscitation equipment is often used in demanding conditions, for example, during transport or in unpredictable emergency situations.

The robust insulation properties of the particle foam help to maintain the performance of the medical device during operation by ensuring a stable temperature environment for sensitive electronic components, thus increasing the efficiency and lifetime of the devices.

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