Energy-efficient renovation of existing buildings

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Solutions that deal with the reduction of energy costs are more of a hot topic than ever before. One important component is the energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings, which also includes efficient ventilation technology.

By means of a ventilation system that incorporates heat recovery, an optimal air exchange can be guaranteed while saving heating energy at the same time. In order for this to be retrofitted, a breakthrough to the outer wall must first be made.

Pipes transport the outside air to a ventilation unit installed on the inside wall. Our customer’s renovation module consists of an installation block made of expanded polystyrene and a connection set made of expanded polypropylene. Both materials are very light and have high insulating properties. EPP is used wherever a high recovery rate is required.

For retrofitting this central apartment ventilation unit, only one core drilling process in the outer wall is necessary. With the help of the integrated sensor control, CO2, temperature and humidity are measured for several areas of the building, and the ventilation is controlled according to demand. Furthermore, an active overflow unit determines the air quality of other rooms to be ventilated, and thus ensures that the air exchange is always in line with demand.

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