Maintenance-friendly EPP chassis for efficient server cooling

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Liquid Cooling Packages (LCP) ensure servers do not overheat in their cabinets. The company Rittal chose to use an EPP chassis from RUCH NOVAPLAST to optimise air flow through these server cooling units.

Thanks to the EPP chassis, the fan modules can be exchanged without tools. Components are not screwed in place, but rather inserted into openings specially designed for them. This is based on the ingenious NOVAplex® design concept. The recovery abilities of EPP particle foam are extremely valuable. Components of all kinds each have a place inside devices, just like chocolates in a box. They are held there securely, without any additional attachment elements. This results in a clear and organised device interior, not to mention the potential savings when purchasing and installing C parts.

This type of construction not only guarantees optimal accessibility for maintenance and service from the front and rear, but also saves a large amount of space. A low width of 300 mm, for instance, makes the LCP DX ideal for planning and cooling small and medium-sized server rooms.

The LCP suctions air from the sides on the back of the server cabinet, cooling it via high-power compact registers, then blowing the cooled air back through the sides into the front part of the server cabinet.



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