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Jonas Kratzer receives incentive award for his apprenticeship at RUCH NOVAPLAST

Jonas Kratzer completed an apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology at RUCH NOVAPLAST. For his exceptional achievements during his apprenticeship, he has now received the SMP Deutschland GmbH incentive award (2,500 EUR), which was donated by SMP Deutschland GmbH in Bötzingen.

Jonas began his apprenticeship in 2020 and is now, aged 23, already on his way to becoming a master craftsman in plastics and rubber. He is one of the 40 award winners - just below one percent of the 3,931 IHK graduates this year - who achieved particularly good results in their final exams.

The award ceremony took place during a dinner at the Black Forest Studios in Kirchzarten. Manuel Silva da Costa, trainer for commercial and industrial apprentices at RUCH NOVAPLAST, accompanied Jonas Kratzer to the celebrations.

We congratulate him on this special honour and are proud to have such a talented employee in our team.

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