Senate of economy

Since 2014, our Managing Director Roland Zeifang has been a Senator in the Senate of Economy.

This board can be described as the voice of the mid-tier sector for ecological-social market economy ethics. It sees itself as a community of values that is committed to the active promotion of awareness of sustainable, ecosocial and ethically justifiable corporate management in the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

With regard to content, various topics are worked on. Here, the Senate of Economy sees itself as a “think tank” and driving force, in which the members of the Senate unite as innovators with an unusually high potential of knowledge and experience. It is important to note that no particular interests are pursued in the work of the commission, but rather work is done expressly in the interest of the common good.

The goal is to provide politics and the economy with stimuli through the joint proposals.

Partner in many areas

Networking means creating synergies together. In our extensive service and partner network, we do just that, always focussing on the benefit of our customers.

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Well-trained and qualified people are a key factor for success. For this reason, we cooperate with universities, schools and companies, offer dual courses of study in the business and technical fields, but also internships and the supervision of bachelor, technician and master study theses.

  • Technologically leading moulded parts.

  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Fastening, Camloc, screw connection
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Competencies, Business Development, Meetings
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Competencies, Business Development, Meetings

    Competent engineers, experts and innovators.